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The Muscogee Manor Center family is excited to introduce our  Home Health Agency.

The agency offers care in the patient's home by a team of professionals: a registered nurse, a home health aide, a medical social worker, a registered dietician, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. According to Mr. Hecht, "Muscogee Manor Center has added this new dimension to provide continuity of care to patients." A patient requiring more in-depth care can move to Cobis Personal Care or Muscogee Manor. Patients completing rehabilitation at the Center who need continued care after returning home also benefit from this continuity of care.

What is Home Health Care?

Muscogee Home Health includes a group of health care professionals providing care in the security and comfort of your home. 

Who is Eligible?

Hospitalization is not required for admission to the program.  Muscogee Home Health is available to patients who meet the following criteria:

1.  The patient must be under a physician's care for a condition requiring skilled services.

2.  The referring physician must certify that the patient needs services that can be provided by Muscogee Home Health Agency.

3. The patient must be homebound within our service area.

What are Some of the Services Provided?

Skilled Nursing:

- Wound care, dressing changes

- Administration of IM and subcutaneous medications

- Diabetic education, diet teaching, teach self glucose monitoring, teach self insulin administration

- Monitoring and teaching medication regimen and response to medication

-Assessment of home environment

-Education and management of diseases, and the disease  process

Physical Therapy:

-Gait Training/Ambulation

-Therapeutic Exercise

-Cardiopulmonary physical therapy

-Prosthetic therapy

-Assessment of home environment for possible need of Durable Medical Equipment

Speech Therapy:

-Language and communication training

-Dysphagia rehabilitation

-Aural rehabilitation

Other Services:  Occupational Therapy, Home Health Aide and Medical Social Services



For more information about Muscogee Home Health Agency, call 706-561-0855.


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Last Updated: 07/02/10